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Pass The Torch.. And Win!

The 2018 Winter Olympics are here! 

Let's kick things off with a new contest in Community. 

We are giving away TEN Blackbaud swag bags and playing is super easy -- here's how you can help "Pass the Torch" and relay the message about our awesome Community.

Starting today, Friday, February 9th at 9am est until (almost) the end of the 2018 Winter Olympics on Friday, February 23rd at 5pm est, we are giving you one entry for every Community invite you send out to a coworker or friend that is successfully accepted. 

That means you send an invite to join Community and your colleage or friend accepts it - you get an entry.

Got Questions? Hopefully this will answer them!

How do I invite someone? You click HERE then fill out their email address. 

Do they have to accept? Yes, that's how we can track entries. The person you send the invite to has to accept the invite through the link generated in Community.

Will I get points for this? YES! In fact, we are doubling the points during this contest. One friend request that is accepted will net you 20 points. What are points? Click HERE!

What's the prize? It is a Blackbaud swag bag. We are going to fill up boxes full of Blackbaud goodies. Think bbcon swag! Exclusive items you won't find anywhere else .. not even Amazon!

How many requests can I send out? AS MANY AS YOU LIKE! 

How will I know if someone's request was accepted? You'll see your name appear on the new "Scout" board on the contest page. If you don't see your name and you know you had a successful invite, email and we'll get it straightened out!

What's a Scout? That's you! That's anyone who successfully invites another person to join our Community.

Is there a "Scout" badge? All in good time, my friends... all in good time! #comingsoon

Good luck and have fun passing the torch!
Posted by Crystal Bruce on Feb 9, 2018 9:00 AM America/New_York

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Is there a glitch here? My emails are not sending. 
  • Posted Fri 09 Feb 2018 09:49 AM EST
Gwendolyn, I private messaged you. I sent one just now and it went through - if anyone else is having an issue, please let me know!
  • Posted Fri 09 Feb 2018 09:54 AM EST