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The Buzz: We're All Connected Edition

Good Morning Community!

In this week's edition of The Buzz, we touch on:
  • Getting the most out of your connections here in Community
  • Hot Topics in the Blackbaud Community
  • Upcoming Events in June and July
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Here in the Blackbaud Community, we always have an interest in teaching our users how to get the best out of their community experience.  And the best way to have a great experience is by connecting with other users here.  Because we are considered a peer-to-peer community, that means that the primary focus of your time here is to get helpful answers and connections with other community members.  Yes, from time to time Blackbaud employees will step in to help when necessary, but we like to sit back and help you make the right connections when you're looking for help.  Our fearless leader here in the Blackbaud Community, Crystal Bruce, has penned a helpful article designed towards this goal; CONNECTION.

Please review the article when you have the chance;

And now, on to the Buzz...


AWARD & STEWARDSHIP MGMT: 4 Key Areas Financial Aid And Scholarship Leaders Should Consider When Planning For An Unpredictable Fall Semester

CHURCH MANAGEMENT: New App Marketplace Applications For Text Messaging

FENXT: Something(s) To Think About

FENXT: Multi-Tools Are Multi-Cool

Have You Missed One Or More Of Our Monthly Blackbaud Grantmaking Webinars? Recordings Now Available!

RENXT: Little Bites

SKY DEVELOPER: Changes To The Event API (Beta)

SKY DEVELOPER: Changes To The Gift API

SKY DEVELOPER: Latest Improvements To Webhook API (Beta)



FE NXT Virtual Open Office Hour (June 30)

Raiser’s Edge NXT or Online Express Event Registration: Which should you use for your next event? (June 30)

Raiser’s Edge NXT or Online Express Email Marketing: Which tool is better for your organization? (July 7)

June Monthly Blackbaud Grantmaking Webinar: Bringing Grants Management and Financial Management Together (July 9)

FIMS: Investing In Infrastructure - Why The Fidelity Charitable Trustees’ Initiative Focuses On Funding The Social Sector (July 9)

PEER TO PEER FUNDRAISING (P2P): Begin Peer-to-Peer Fundraising in One Hour (July 13)

P2P: Debunk the Jargon (July 14)

P2P: Untap the Potential of Personal Fundraising (July 15)

New Features in Blackbaud Award Management™ and Blackbaud Stewardship Management™ Blackbaud Gradient (August 20)


Posted by Ray Bergman on Jun 25, 2020 10:00 AM America/New_York

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