Crystal Clear: Show us Your Selfie! (Fall-o-ween Edition) 7205

Crystal Clear: Show us Your Selfie! (Fall-o-ween Edition)


It's that time of year - we are celebrating all things FALL in Community!

Get ready to show off your Fall-o-ween profile pics and earn beaucoup Community points and a chance to win a Pumpkin Spice whatever on us!

Details inside... 

It's that time of year!

I walked into our local At Home over the weekend and noticed this:


That's right. CHRISTMAS has arrived in stores. A-L-R-E-A-D-Y.

I don't know about you, but I'm not ready to give up on Fall just yet. It's not even Halloween! 

This month, we are focusing on profile pictures in Community. Why have one? Well, it's great to put a face to a name! The Blackbaud Community is a peer to peer Community. We built it for our members to network and learn from each other, so having a picture is a great way to show off your personality.

In true Community style, we are kicking off our Fall-o-ween profile picture extravaganza.

If you change your profile pic to something fall, Halloween costumes, fur babies dressed up, sipping a PSL, knitting a scarf, sitting in front of a cozy fire, raking leaves, or whatever is traditional this time of year where you live, we will award you 500 points!

I'll also pick 5 people at random to send a gift card to.. pumpkin spice (or whatever you enjoy!) on us! 

While you are at it, you can check out this discussion in Just for Fun about how Halloween looks a little different this year. There are some creative suggestions - add yours!

I love this time of year and look forward to seeing everyone's Fall-o-ween pics. Let us know in the comments below that you've updated your pic and if you'd like to tell us the story behind it, please do.

Here are Ray, Elizabeth, and I last year in the office as the Area 51 Raiders. <3

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Is there away to get an alert for things like this? I'm loving all the fun community-engagement ops. Those of us who are questionably - Slightly- competitive also enjoy this :)

My picture is already a fall pic.  It is my favorite apple orchard!! :)
The beauty of nature here got cut short by snow storm. But it's almost all melted now!  So just a little home decorating and a fall jigsaw puzzle to make. 
My co-workers and I as a rock group last year.  Actually, it was our adult choir singing a couple Beatles songs.
We had a record snowfall in MN this year. 9" of the white stuff so far in October.  I miss fall.
I sure do miss the fall fairs this year! Especially King Richard's Renaissance Fair. This is from a few year's ago.
Last year my Team was a little Fruity!! :))
Well I have just dyed my hair Corpse Bride blue - so my profile pic is an updated selfie with a halloweeny "dark" filter slapped on!
Updated with obligatory pumpkin coffee photo 
After yesterday's seven inch snowfall, I figured updating my profile pic to "Halloween in Minnesota" would be the best option. Hard to get excited about putting together a costume when no one will see it under your winter coat or snow suit. :P
I changed mine to my girls and their pumpkins... Love this time of year!

I changed my profile pic to be one of my daughter and I last Halloween. 
Profile pic updated!  While being evacuated for the most recent fire here in Northern California, I took a lovely 2 hour walk around where I was staying and spotted many fun Halloween decorations in yards and around the downtown area.  This is of my favorite.
Was the Area 51 thing really a year ago? That feels like it just happened and feels like three years ago at the same time. 2020 has been the craziest year.
Updated my pic to a teal pumpkin alongside a traditional Jack-o-Lantern. My daughter has severe peanut and tree nut allergies, so the teal pumpkin project is a great way to raise awareness of food allergies (and that not all kids can safely enjoy trick-or-treating). 
Seeing as yesterday was the first day since May 21 that we had a temperature of 65 (hottest summer on record in Phoenix), it's hard to get into a fall mood yet! But we do have the windows open this morning -- yay!
Updated my profile pic to a birthday cake my mom made a a few years ago! Love it and I love seeing all these Fall-o-ween selfies/pics!!! 
Updated my profile pic of last years DoSeum Staff Halloween costumes! 
Crystal Bruce and Cynthia Cavazos‍ I have a Halloween tree too!

Michelle Sweany‍ I almost always pick out a Disney costume at least last several years! So much fun, relatively safe, and so many to chose from! I think we are doing Pirates of the Caribbean theme this year.

The not knowing what I'm going to be until right before Halloween always makes it hard to post this year's pic in the current year! So as usual Marie Stark‍ I'm with you!
Updated my profile with a picture of Trunk or Treat trunk last year. Monsters Inc!