Esperanza: A Celebration Of Hispanic Heritage And Hope 7934

Esperanza: A Celebration Of Hispanic Heritage And Hope


At Blackbaud, we celebrate the diversity of our employees across the company and within our communities. September 15–October 15, we're proud to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month! Keep reading to learn more.

Yesterday, September 15, marked the kick-off of National Hispanic Heritage Month and Blackbaud is excited to be a part of this month-long celebration!

This is a special time to recognize many Latinx and Hispanic heritages, communities, and the unique people who have made remarkable impacts for the culture—in the U.S. and around the world. As we spend time uplifting Latinx and Hispanic stories of bravery and perseverance, we are also committed to learning more about the people, the heritage, and the places that have collectively created a rich and vibrant past that we can observe together as a global company.

From now through October 15, we will celebrate the contributions and accomplishments from Latinx and Hispanic communities with various activities, including employee-led events like a virtual Latin Cuisine Tour! It’s a virtual tour that explores the taste of a variety of Latin dishes—all made from the hearts and homes of Blackbaud employees with ties or roots to Latinx and Hispanic culture. ¡Delicioso!

Employees are also invited to engage in a virtual volunteer activity that focus’ on a partnership with a nonprofit organization whose mission involves serving Latinx and Hispanic communities.

At Blackbaud, we celebrate the diversity of our employees across the company and within our communities. Do you celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month? If so, what traditions, activities, or events do you get involved in? Share a post or pic in the comments. We’d love to read about and see what you’re doing to celebrate this year!

Happy National Hispanic Heritage Month!
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At the Orange County Regional History Center we are also proud of our cultural mix in Central Florida We are hosting Smithsonian Day Saturday with a salute to Latino Artists. This Smithsonian Day join us as we kick off Hispanic Heritage Month with a celebration of Latin American arts and culture. We will be joined by several Central Florida artists representing a wide variety of Latin American countries, displaying and selling their artwork. Meet the artists, see live painting demonstrations, and enjoy family-friendly crafts and activities!

This program is presented in partnership with ‘Casa de Artes, Bienestar, Educación, Turismo, Cultura, Artesanías y Literatura (CABETCAL)’ by Beatriz Andrekovich.

Featured Artists

Alberto Quintero
Cristiam Ramos
Alberto Gómez
Patricia Cavazos
J.J. Gonzalez Acosta
Geraldo De Simone
Wendy Escobar
Anduy Goliat
Yaneth Monsalve

WOW Sharon! This sounds amazing!!!! I love to see so many coming together to celebrate the past and support current artists. What a great way to partner with the community. Thank you so much for sharing!!!