Raise More With The Latest Enhancements  8299

Raise More With The Latest Enhancements 


Twice a year, we conduct vocal warm up exercises, build lengthy PowerPoints and work with our product managers to share the latest and the greatest features rolling out on JustGiving, via the Product Update Briefings. Read the highlights for North America (as of the April 2022 PUB).

Recently Announced Features on JustGiving

Administrative Efficiencies

As you may know, JustGiving processes donations in one of two ways for our organizations in the United States. JustGiving disburses from the Blackbaud Giving Fund or you can elect to configure Blackbaud Merchant Services™ to process and disburse donations.

Find out more about the available payment processors and their features for JustGiving here.

Faster disbursement cycles

When US-based charities receive over $100 through the Blackbaud Giving Fund, we will issue the disbursement, weekly via ACH or monthly if the check is mailed. This went in place on April 4th so hopefully, you have already benefited from our faster disbursement cycle. Learn more about how we process and pay your donations here.

Giving Checkout is even easier to use

Giving Checkout is a free way to collect donations. It is a simple, customizable donation form and you keep 100% of donor data so nothing is anonymized. Because donations are disbursed via the Blackbaud Giving Fund, Giving Checkout is only available in the United States, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Recent enhancements include:

  • A dedicated tab in your account to locate Giving Checkout functionality

  • No need to navigate to the Reports tab for your data. Access donation data directly through the Giving Checkout tab

  • Increased organizational branding, which includes your own thank you page redirect

Don’t see Giving Checkout? For some of you utilizing Blackbaud Merchant Services™, Giving Checkout may not be visible. In order to take advantage of Giving Checkout, you can disconnect BBMS as the payment processor. Learn how here.

Giving Checkout is not available in Canada.


New, fun ways to give

Donors can contribute with Venmo

For US-based nonprofits using the Blackbaud Giving Fund, you can now accept Venmo donations directly through JustGiving, further expanding your portfolio of digital wallets (which also includes Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal). For donors who choose this donation route, there are two Venmo donation checkout options:

  • Desktop browser: The donor will be provided a screen with a QR code that they can scan from their phone's camera to approve their Venmo donation.

  • Mobile browser: The donor will be taken to the Venmo app to approve the donation straight away.

Once someone donates through Venmo, they will also receive an email receipt in addition to a push notification from the Venmo mobile app letting them know that their donation has been processed.


Don’t see Venmo? Venmo is not available for those processing JustGiving donations through Blackbaud Merchant Services™.

Did you know? Venmo represents almost 40% of wallet/peer-to-peer payments in the US and about 80% of their users are 18-35? Attract the next generation of donors with Venmo! You can learn more about Venmo on your other Blackbaud solutions here.

Work with gocertify to incentivize more giving

Diversify your acquisitions by rewarding shoppers who donate to your organization with a discount code, thanks to JustGiving’s partnership with gocertify. With no setup fees or long-term contracts, we make it easy to incentivize your donors.

How it works:

  • JustGiving currently has a growing list of global retailers signed up to support over 16 different charities. We invite you to add yourself to the eligible nonprofits by emailing success@justgiving.com.
  • If you have a retailer in mind that you want to partner with, gocertify can open up that conversation too.


Engagement tools for Fundraisers

Track steps to raise more money

About a year ago, we rolled out an integration with JustGiving’s personal fundraising pages and Strava. This helped many organizations host successful virtual events during the pandemic. This April, we dropped an additional fitness tracking app for your fundraisers to use: Fitbit.

Both integrations allow your fundraisers to connect their preferred app to their fundraising page and automatically have their activities posted to their page(s). Strava shares a map, distance, time, and pictures. Fitbit will track and add the steps. Fundraisers can also add data manually in case they forget their device at home.

Encourage your fundraisers to use either app or weave them into your next event to help boost fundraising. People who add fitness activities raise up to 40% more than those who don’t!

Increased security for your account

New Users can log in with Blackbaud ID

We live in a world with enough usernames and passwords, right? The roll out of Blackbaud ID (BBID) on JustGiving will help to streamline the log in process so there is one less unique password to magically remember! Now, new administrators to JustGiving in the US and Canada can log in with the same credentials used across other Blackbaud products (seamlessly transition between Blackbaud eTapestry® or Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT®) and Blackbaud resources (training, Customer Support, etc). Learn more here.


Miss the previous updates? Find the summary of features released to North America here.

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