New Constituent API Parameter on Action List Endpoint 7235

New Constituent API Parameter on Action List Endpoint


The list_id parameter is now available on the Action list endpoint. To define a list identifier that filters the set of actions to those included in the specified list, use this parameter in conjunction with the List API (beta). If this value is set, other specified filters will be ignored.

For more information, see the Constituent changelog.

News SKY Developer Announcements 10/28/2020 9:52am EDT

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Hi Lindsey Rix‍. Well, something, somewhere seems to have changed, otherwise I wouldn't be here asking about it.

We just want to be sure of receiving timely email notifications of any API changes, as we used to. That's my feedback. Cheers.
Steven Cinquegrana‍ That email is based on a person posting an announcement to the community.  It's not instantaneous and we try to post as soon as possible, but we may not always be able to do it immediately. The changelogs you were asking about were posted today and we hope to have the community announcement up soon. Thank you!
Lindsey Rix‍ I'm actually referring to API change notification emails. We try to keep our SKYLib.NET users as up-to-date on API changes as possible, so we wouldn't really want to wait a couple of weeks to find out about them, and generally haven't had to, except for a bunch of Gift API changes from last year which went unnoticed for several months.
Steven Cinquegrana‍ Actually, we just published these changes a few minutes ago. The changelog doesn't always happen on the same date the API changes are made, it just depends on how quickly the owning team can get it done. Also, the announcements are a manual process and not automated. It can take a little bit to get posted. The community post should be published shortly, either today or tomorrow. If you see something that hasn't been posted after a week or two, please let us know! Thanks!
Lindsey Rix‍ would you please ensure that notification emails are sent regarding API changes. I've just noticed that there have been two updates added to the Change Log , one each on Oct 30 and Nov 2, that we didn't receive any notification of. This has been the usual practice and without then we have to trawl the Change log and Announcements blog for changes. Thanks!
Dan Snyder Dan Snyder Oct '20
Dan Snyder‍ thank you for your question. We have not updated Power Automate with the Action list ID yet. We're still working on rolling out changes so we hope to release an updated version soon. I can update you when it's available. 
Dan Snyder Dan Snyder Oct '20
Will this be incorporated into Power Automate so I can kick off a process based on actions contained in a specific list. Right now it seems like you can only schedule something based on when an action is entered or changed. Unless I am looking in the wrong place.