Preparing For Your 2019 Peer-to-Peer Event Season 5223

Preparing For Your 2019 Peer-to-Peer Event Season

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As you plan for next year’s Peer-to-Peer events, it is important to gather some big picture analytics to help you get a pulse on how your 2018 events performed. Doing this assessment will help you understand your fundraiser's strengths and weaknesses which in turn will help you better align your 2019 strategy.

Before reviewing your own data, it is important to look at trends from resources like the Blackbaud Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Study as well as the 2018 NonProfit PRO Peer-to-Peer Benchmark Study. From there it is recommended to review your own data to understand important metrics like:
  • percent of participants fundraising
  • how many participants return
  • top fundraising individuals and teams
  • average online gift

Earlier this month, my colleague, Jennifer Cressotti and I discussed how to review your P2P event data and provided recommendations around any opportunities you may find. We discussed how you can easily view your data using the Luminate Beta TeamRaiser Dashboards and provided tips and resources to help you set up next year's TeamRaiser event for success.

Throughout the year, your Blackbaud Customer Success Team has offered a variety of sessions to help you be more successful in using your TeamRaiser software like how to: leverage magical links to help participants automatically login to the Participant Center, take advantage of the TeamRaiser coaching email tool, and boost your fundraising with the TeamRaiser Facebook Fundraiser integration.

Did you miss out on these sessions? Not to worry. We’ve packaged these resources for you, along with the Analyze Your 2018 Event and Prepare for 2019 session and slide deck to have at your fingertips.  

And as you begin to plan and set up your 2019 TeamRaiser events, don’t forget about BBMS MobilePay for TeamRaiser. We've provided some additional resource links on how you can maximize your registrations and donations on event day!
Here’s to wishing you a truly successful 2019 Peer-to-Peer fundraising season! Do you have any tips or favorite resources? Please share them in the comments below.

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We now have an additional resource for you TeamRaiser folks: the Participant Center Guide Template Kit and you can read more about this here: