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  • BBU Image
    Fortune Cookies
    I love Chinese restaurants. I especially love fortune cookies! Their subtle sweetness is the perfect ending to the meal. Lately, I’ve been frustrated with the fortunes— or lack thereof —inside. Shouldn’t a fortune cookie give you an actual fortune? Remember the days of You will inherit a large sum of money or A new romance is in your future ? Lately the ... more
  • What’s New (July 19, 2018)
    The latest release of Financial Edge NXT includes several new features and enhancements. Delete tables and table entries You can now delete tables and table entries in the web view. Keep in mind, if the table you want to delete contains any table entries, you must delete those values first. You can delete a table only when it has no table entries. For more ... more
    Changes To The General Ledger API
    The General Ledger API was updated on 07/19/2018. See our  Changelog  entries for more information. We added the new Budget detail , Budget , and Budget detail lines (list) endpoints. We also edited the Journal entry batch attachment endpoint. more
    Changes To The Accounts Payable API
    The Accounts Payable API was updated on 07/19/2018. See our  Changelog  entries for more information. We added the new Vendor attachment endpoint . more
  • BBU 5.18
    The Point of Pencils
    Before my first day of kindergarten my dad asked if I had two sharpened #2 pencils. He asked again on my first day of first grade and every year until I graduated college. While this turned into a long-standing dad joke that I found particularly annoying in my teen years, I now appreciate the lesson he was teaching— being prepared with the tools you need sets ... more
  • Affluence Insight Discussion
    So Affluence Insight will be celebrating it's 18 month public launch in August.  I don't know about the rest of you but I have found this data exciting to work with and the almost endless possibilities of using the data and creating dynamic queries.  I would like to focus the discussion on two primary areas for now.   1.  How has this data been useful for ... more
  • BBU
    Celebrating Our May & June K–12 “ON” Products Certified Users
    Blackbaud University is excited to celebrate our K–12 “ON” Products users who became  Blackbaud Certified , or renewed their certification, in May and June! Be sure to review our listing and celebrate your colleagues by viewing their profiles, becoming Blackbaud  Community  friends, and congratulating them on this significant achievement. ... more
  • early bird
    Early Birds Of A Feather: From CTPs To Waved Rollouts
    With the recent limited release of a new email marketing designer with role-based permissions , several have asked why only some received the feature out of the gate, and how to be among the first to adopt new developments in Raiser's Edge NXT . Between customer tech previews (CTPs), early adopter programs (EAPs), and waved rollouts, there are plenty of opportunities to play the early bird catching the worm — or (more likely) a possible bug. more
  • Spotlight
    Register for the Spotlight on Bulk Import
    In this Spotlight, we'll take a deeper dive into the Bulk Import SKY web service for Blackbaud CRM. Join us on Thursday August 16 at 2PM ET to witness it in action. Register today. *The same link can be used to access the recording after the call. more
  • Get Started
    What's Next for Email
    Exciting news this week! If your organization is using Raiser’s Edge NXT, you may have already heard: The Next Generation of Email is coming out in Web View! The Next Generation of Email has much of the same functionality that you’re familiar with today from Online Express—including new features like the ability to add custom social icons, a more ... more