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Blog for K-12 Conference
Location for breaking news and updates around Email Early Adopter Program
This is the Smart Tuition Tips & Tricks Blog.
Everything you need to know about SKY Reporting for K-12
Home of all announcements for SKY Reporting
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Destination for Tech Tips Blog from KnowHow
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  • NEW logo BBU
    Once Upon A Time In Luminate Land…
    Did you know that Luminate Online has a built-in children’s story? It’s true. Especially when it comes to content, the content editor, HTML, and libraries. Content is the robust king. The Content Editor is his stylish queen. Together they manage—or rule—the realm. HTML is the language they speak. Libraries are the houses, or castles, in which the king ... more
  • No Image Description
    Advocacy Target Update
    We've added newly-elected officials who are now contactable with our  September 24th  update. You'll find them when you  select targets  for your action or call alerts. The new officials in this update are:    Position  Name  State  State Attorney General  Cynthia E Hudson  VA  State Representative  Dean Jeffries  WV ... more
  • Kirk
    Blackbaud University Day: Meet Your Instructor Kirk!
    BLACKBAUD UNIVERSITY DAY INSTRUCTOR SPOTLIGHT | Kirk Lilwall Hello! My name is Kirk and I’m very excited to be an instructor teaching at Blackbaud University Day this year at bbcon ! If you’ve taken one of my online or in-person classes, you’ll remember me as the tall Canadian guy who plays ukulele and has a 27-year-old pet turtle. Last year at bbcon , I was ... more
  • No Image Description
    What's New In DonorCentral - 9/26/18 Release
    This release includes an enhancement to the search functionality on the Grant recommendation form.  more
  • What's New!
    What's New In Employee Giving And Employee Volunteering 2018.2.1!
    Hi, everyone! Here's a look at what's available in the  Employee Giving and Employee Volunteering  2018.2.1 release, available September 27, 2018. Thanks, Alyssa Carver User Education Team Member more
  • npi
    What's New For Some (and Upcoming For Most): Report Builder!
    For flexibility in how you analyze and share data, some of you can now design custom dashboards in Analysis , Report builder . more
  • BBU Image
    Just Keep Swimming…
    We are a summer family. We love the weather, the beach, the sun, and our pool. Now that our kids can swim, they’re constantly asking my husband to toss them into the deep end. Over, and over, and over again. It seems they can never get enough! Watching this fun puts a big smile on my face. Plus, I’m not the one having to do the tossing! At your organization you may ... more
  • Nate
    Blackbaud University Day: Meet Your Instructor Nate!
    Hello! My name is Nate Hug and I’m a Blackbaud Instructor based out of Manhattan, New York. You’ve possibly seen me in one of your Financial Edge or Luminate Online courses. In a few short weeks, I’ll be trading the fall foliage of Central Park for some palm trees as I head down south to Orlando, Florida to participate in Blackbaud University Day at bbcon ... more
  • No Image Description
    IOS 12 With MobilePay & RE Mobile
    UPDATE : Blackbaud MobilePay 3.8 has now been released, and resolves this issue among its other new features . Install version 3.8 from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to apply the fix.  We are still evaluating the issue for the RE Mobile App, and will update this post and this article when we have more information.  Apple has released the latest ... more
  • Blackbaud University
    Celebrating Certified Users
    Celebrating our Luminate Online Certified Users Blackbaud University continues to celebrate our Luminate Online Certified users . For the month of August we have a new list of professionals who have earned their Luminate Online Fundamentals certification. Be sure to review our listing and celebrate your colleagues by viewing their profiles, ... more