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  • Staging Environments Upgraded On 8/2
    Hello Everyone,  It's almost time for the upcoming release of version 4.97 for Altru! We will be upgrading our staging environments first, and we have scheduled this to occur on Wednesday August 2nd from 12pm-5pm EST.  During this time, the  Client Sandbox  or any Staging Environments, may be down for a short period of time. The staging sites won't be ... more
  • Learn From My Import Mistakes, Not Yours
    Learn from your mistakes. I wholeheartedly agree with that old adage— for the most part . But when it comes to the life of your database, I think that preventing errors is best for us all. Given that I’m involved in educational training, I have the luxury of playing and experimenting in a safe Raiser’s Edge sandbox, which allows for some trial-and-error ... more
  • Digital Life Hacks Starts TODAY!
    Digi-Know? SEO Hacks to Incorporate into Your Larger Digital Strategy Webinar is Today! Thursday, July 27 | 1:00 p.m. ET Search engine optimization (SEO) can determine how easy it is for prospective visitors, members, and donors to find your arts and cultural organization online. A good SEO strategy should help drive these audiences to your website. ... more
  • Holly's Helpful Hints: How To Give Feedback About The Community
    Did you know that your team of Blackbaud Community Managers ( Ami , Crystal , Jon , Shannon , and me ) sit down for a couple hours every week and talk about ways we can make this Community better for you? Did you also know that a lot of our ideas and programs start with an idea our community members shared with us? One of the things we're most proud of as a Community ... more
  • Going Beyond The Sale
    When we talk about sales, we often focus on the day-to-day transactions: selling tickets, selling membership, taking donations, and so forth. We want those transactions to go smoothly and provide an excellent customer experience for every person that walks through our doors.    more
  • Advocacy Target Update
    Another newly elected official is now contactable and was included in our  July 24th  update. You'll find her when you  select targets  for your action or call alerts. The new official in this update is:    POSITION  NAME  STATE     State Representative      Karen Gaddis      OK   more
  • #WIIFM Wednesday: Behind The Scenes With BBMS
    Hi there #WIFM friends and happy Wednesday! Have you ever wondered exactly what happens once someone clicks that submit button on your Online Express donation form? I am here to help you get to know this process a little better. Below are the phases a transaction goes through once submitted from the Online Express donation form. Phase 1: The credit card ... more
  • Meet Carmen Hidalgo Leyva!
    Meet (and friend!) Carmen Hidalgo Leyva, a Raiser's Edge user, with Miami Children's Hospital Foundation. more
  • What’s New (July 26, 2017)
    This release of  Financial Edge NXT  includes enhancements to invoice distributions, post subledgers, and online banking, as well as several features that are currently in our Early Adopters Program (EAP). Invoice distributions: interfund entries When you select to extend the full list of distributions in an invoice record, you can now view ... more
  • What's New In Financial Edge NXT: New Attributes And Multiple Dashboards!
    Financial Edge NXT  recently updated with new attributes as well as the ability to create and manage multiple dashboards. Transaction Codes and Status Attributes You can now use the following new attributes to further categorize and track transactions when building your insights: Transaction code  – Further categorization of a transaction, such ... more