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  • General Ledger API
    Changes To The General Ledger API
    The General Ledger API was updated on 04/20/2018. See our  Changelog  entries for more information. We added the Journal entry batch - Patch endpoint. With the new endpoint, note the following: You can edit the  description ,  create_interfund_sets , and  create_bank_account_adjustments  values of an existing journal entry batch. Posted ... more
  • Accounts Payable API
    Changes To The Accounts Payable API
    The Accounts Payable API was updated on 04/20/2018.  We made several changes to the  Invoice attachment  endpoint which now supports Physical attachments. Previously the endpoint only supported Link attachments .  See our  Changelog  entry for more information . more
  • Move Measure
    What's New In SKY Reporting For K12: Headline Insights
    To quickly summarize a measure's amount, similar to a key performance indicator (KPI), you can now design an insight as a headline. We recommend you use a headline to quickly track a measure at a glance, on a regular basis. more
  • 4.0 SP15 Hotfix 63 Available For Download
    We have released hotfix 63 for version 4.0 SP15. It can be downloaded here . The patch report can be reviewed here . more
  • fundraising_changelog
    Changes To The Fundraising API (Beta)
    The Fundraising API (Beta) was updated on 4/19/2018. See our  Changelog  entries for more information.   We added the  Fundraiser assignment list (Single constituent) ,  Fundraiser assignment (Create) ,  Fundraiser assignment (Edit) ,  Fundraiser assignment (Delete) , and  Fundraiser types  endpoints.   more
  • Giving
    Mid-Level Giving And Your Target Analytics Data
    Mid-Level Giving and Your Target Analytics Data I am very excited about the blog series I am launching here in the Target Analytics Community over the coming months in regards to how our nonprofit clients can utilize modeling and wealth append/screening data from Target Analytics to help identify prospects for mid-level giving.  Let’s talk about ... more
  • BBU Grad
    Savasana (or How To Achieve Balance With Financial Edge NXT)
    Shortly after I bought my first house—a process of constant of stress and chaos—I enrolled in a six-week introduction to yoga class at a nearby studio. We ended class in Savasana ( Corpse Pose), the final relaxation pose. Almost every day, the yogi had to come over to me and calmly say, “Mary, it’s time to wake up…” Some might say I achieved a true sense of ... more
  • Blog
    How Anonymous Event Registrants Can Work in Your Favor
    Happy Wednesday Online Express Community! It’s a perfect spring day here in Charleston, SC and the coming of spring always reminds me of gearing up for spring and summer events at my organizations! If you’re also preparing for upcoming events, you may be eager to get your event registrant forms live and start collecting valuable information about your ... more
  • Kerry Aryes-Smith
    Meet Kerry Ayres-Smith!
    Meet (and friend!) Kerry Ayres-Smith, a Raiser's Edge & RENXT user, with the Marcus Jewish Community Center. more
  • Queries
    Using Sales Order Queries To Report On Everything Else
    In the last blog , we walked through how to use Sales Order queries to analyze attendance and ticketing, and today we’ll look at some of the other ways you can use Sales Order queries to analyze the other types of transactions that you’ll find in Sales Orders, such as memberships, donations, merchandise, and fees. Any transaction that occurs through ... more