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  • Question
    Got A Question For Us?
    Hello and welcome to the Blackbaud Church Management EAP Community! This is your place to connect with fellow Blackbaud Church Management customers. It’s your place to get answers, submit ideas, or read about the best ways to improve your experience with our solutions. What kind of questions are posted here? Anything and everything related to ... more
  • Thank you mustache
    Good Vibes And A Sweet Reward For Your Feedback
    You want to become wealthy (with good vibes and a sweet mug)? I want to ask for your help in trying out a new feature we released last month for Luminate Beta - Social Posting . We're developing this feature for you, and we'd like to work with you on it. The first "release" of Social Posting allows you to create Facebook posts and Twitter tweets, save drafts, ... more
  • fundraising
    Making An Impactful Impact
    I overheard someone say, “Our impact statements need to be more impactful .” This comment stuck out to me because it really highlights what so many organizations face daily. You know you need to show your impact , but what is really meant by your impact ? What is an impactful impact statement ? Most importantly, an impact statement needs to align with your ... more
  • BBUGeneric
    Building Your Membership Program Through Custom Engagement
    You’ve heard it a thousand times: “We need to increase our memberships!” However, increasing memberships and increasing the number of returning members really go hand in hand. How can you best accomplish both of these goals? By increasing targeted engagement . Why engage current members? If we engage our current members, we’ll create ambassadors who’ll spread the word about our organization and the benefits of membership. As an added bonus, we’ll also get more renewing members! How do you increase engagement? more
  • new
    What’s New (March 21, 2019)
    This release of Financial Edge NXT includes several new features and enhancements.  Starting with Fixed assets , you can now add custom fields and alerts to your asset records. This is helpful when you want to add additional information or reminders to a record. For more information, see Asset Record .  Expense management You can now enable out of ... more
  • megahorn
    Advocacy Target Update
    New officials are available in our  March 19th  Advocacy Target update. You'll find them when you  select targets  for your action or call alerts. The new officials in this update are:    POSITION NAME STATE State Insurance Commissioner David Provost VT State Representative Alicia Straub KS State Representative ... more
  • BBU Fundraising
    Prospecting For The Endgame: Week 2
    We pick up with our Prospect Research hero in Week 2 of Prospecting for the Endgame. more
  • Targeted Content
    Are You Listening to Your Donors?
    I recently started to think my phone was listening to my calls and reading my texts. Ads for community events began to appear in my news feed. Was this because I texted a friend about volunteering more? Or was it because I talked to my daughter about helping our community? I quickly realized I was a part of a local targeted content strategy from a recent ... more
  • cp
    Anatomy Of A Campaign Page
    Use the these guides to get familiar with the Campaign Page and Fundraising Page layouts. more
  • No Image Description
    What's New In Raiser's Edge NXT The Week Of March 19
    This week, Raiser's Edge NXT introduces several features such as enhanced security for wealth and ratings details and improvements in Email .  more