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  • RE NXT And Database Backup Restores
    Hello RE Community! I've seen a couple of threads in the community recently that have understandably expressed some level of frustration, concern, and confusion around the current processes in place for restoring RE NXT data from a backup. Specifically, recent posts have pointed out that currently, the act of restoring Raiser's Edge data from a ... more
  • constituents
    Changes To The Constituent API
    The Constituent API was updated on 2/21/2018. See our  Changelog  entries for more information. The optional  strict_search  query parameter is now available on the  Constituent (Search)  endpoint. It indicates whether to exclude constituents that sound like the search criteria but are spelled differently. By default, this parameter is set to  ... more
  • GDPR
    GDPR for Organizations Outside of the EU
    General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) The following information is taken from the webpage that contains more in-depth information. Data protection laws across Europe are undergoing their first substantial changes in approximately 20 years. The General Data Protection ... more
  • Charitable Giving Report Cover
    3 Reasons To Download The 2017 Charitable Giving Report
    As a member of the Blackbaud Community, you’re probably familiar with the Blackbaud Institute’s annual Charitable Giving Report , which offers the premier look at giving for the previous year. This is our 6 th edition of the report, and there’s no shortage of valuable information, including overall, online, and mobile trends, key statistics on ... more
  • filter by rating
    What's New: Enhanced Custom Ratings Filters
    With custom ratings, your organization can track constituent details such as: Their affinity for your organization or mission Social media activity Wealth characteristics from sources like ResearchPoint , Marts & Lundy, or econometrics In a constituent list, you can include only records with specific custom ratings or ratings from specific ... more
  • Question mark
    Should I Track Member Admissions Through Price Types Or Discounts?
    This is the eternal debate in Altru and organizations can approach this question in several different ways. Much of the decision depends on how you want to analyze information. Option 1: Price Types Price Types are the different rates and categories that apply to patrons when they purchase tickets. Common examples are Adult, Student, Senior, Child, ... more
  • BBU Graduation Cap
    Easy As Boiling An Egg!
    My family’s 2018 New Year’s resolution was to eat healthier. With two active hungry teens, I knew this was not going to be an easy task! Especially not time-wise —since I never seem to have enough time between home life and work life. So I resolved to create some nutritious, tasty, and quick meals that wouldn’t break the bank. Easy, right? Luckily, I ... more
  • BBU_Community_252x252
    Celebrating Our First GIFTS Online Certified User
    Blackbaud University is excited to kick off 2018 with our first GIFTS Online user to become Blackbaud Certified,  Phyllis Corkum ! Make sure to commend your colleague on this amazing accomplishment by viewing their profile, becoming Blackbaud Community  friends, or just congratulating them on this significant achievement. Interested in joining ... more
  • Blog
    #WIIFM Wednesday: Tracking Consent in Online Express
    Tracking an individual’s consent to receive communications from your organization is a hot topic lately. You may have heard about the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, for short), which requires organizations to make sure individuals affirmatively opt-in to your communications and organizations must also demonstrate ... more
  • BBU Grad
    Celebrating Our First Certified Members!
    Starting this month, I have the honor of celebrating the Community Members who become Fundamentals Certified in Financial Edge NXT! Take a moment to congratulate the following members: Charlanne Thomas Kristy Soular Heidi Tabat Pamela D Harvey Kelsey Gibson Interested in seeing your name next month? Read through this blog and get ready to certify!   more