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  • bbu generic
    Your Data, Your Way
    Where I live, we have one of those fancy nitrogen ice cream places where they make you an ice cream concoction from scratch based on what you pick from their plethora of choices. Every time I go there, I'm always overwhelmed at first by what to select. But then I take a breath, carefully work through the menu steps, and always end up with an amazing treat. ... more
  • PreviewStar
    Automated Recurring Gifts Preview And Coming Attractions!
    As mentioned in recent announcements, we're gearing you up for our coming attractions through preview releases — similar to how Hollywood gears audiences for new films. If you've been tuning in to our recent roadmap calls or the Raiser's Edge NXT community, you've likely heard about the exciting new Gift Management features coming your way.  ... more
  • follow us
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    Please be sure to follow us on... Linked In: Twitter: more
  • workshop
    RE / RENXT Meetup For Community Foundations In Grand Rapids
    Join us at Grand Rapids Community Foundation on August 28, 2019 for a Raiser's Edge Meetup. more
  • the_buzz_071719_500x500
    The Buzz: Area 51 Edition
    Good Morning Community! Ever had an idea presented to you that makes you stop dead in your tracks because it is so nonsensical or outrageous?  Something along the lines of "What if we started filling our trucks with regular gas instead of diesel fuel to save money?" or "What if we got thousands of people together and stormed Area 51 all together?". Yeah, ... more
  • BBU
    Celebrating our May and June Certified Users
    It's time to celebrate those community members who certified in May and June! May John Palcher Susan Cornforth Melissa Hensley JP Provencal Marianne Plath Robin Bondar Lindsey Brewer Jackie West Nick Lyndon Christian Tenney Kelly Bivins Clare Masson Danielle McCarthy Jeremy Andrykowski John Burke Ann Taber Angie Martineau Deborah Klotz Karla ... more
  • BBU
    Celebrating our May and June Certified Users
    Good morning community! Let's take a moment to give a rousing shout out to our peers who certified in May and June! May Financial Edge NXT Fundamentals Certified Monique Williams Brandie Goins Jennifer Tirado Katherine Brantley Kendell Burroughs Susan Morgan Christine Riedinger Tara Anderson Friso Kuiper Carlos Molina John Biswas Mike Jumper ... more
  • whatsnew
    What's New In Raiser's Edge NXT The Week Of July 16
    For those with Gift management ,  Raiser's Edge NXT  introduces the ability to automate recurring gifts and move gifts to different batches. For those with Events , it also includes options to manage additional details from the participant list.   more
  • What's New
    What's New (July 16)
    We have exciting time saving new features for you this week! Check-in Navigation You can now manage all aspects of check-in from one central location. Go to Events , Check-in to manage rosters, stations, and grade level promotions. Besides the addition of Grade level promotion, these features are the same—just consolidated and easier to access! ... more
  • bbcon Super Sessions
    BBCON 2019 Super Sessions Announced!
    bbcon 2019 Super Sessions have been revealed! These kick-off sessions presented by industry thought leaders and experts are designed to expand your vision and get you energized with fresh ideas. Get a look at Super Session topics, speakers and more  here .  250+ Breakout Sessions to Choose From There are now 250+ breakout sessions to ... more