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Communication Best Practices With Account Managers

Who is new at your school? Here at Smart Tuition we love getting to know our business officers since our goal is to be an integral part of your school team. During my time at Smart I have seen strong working relationships that seem more like friendships. Our services also far extend enrollment and billing. Ask us about reporting, ask us if you need assistance with delinquency. Even if you want to share some ideas for the school with us, we are happy to share feedback and success stories from other clients and help make improvements for the future when needed.

To ensure the continued success of our service, it is very important we are made aware of staffing changes throughout the year. This notification will allow us to update our records appropriately and begin to assist training the new personnel. We also want to make sure that newsletters, any scheduled reports, and any other Smart Tuition communication is sent to the correct administrator.

In many cases, the new administrator is set up on Smart by their predecessor and they are provided the school’s Account Manager contact information. This is ideal for us because we are provided this added level of confirmation that the new administrator is an authorized user for the school.

We understand however that this cannot always occur and transitions are sometimes abrupt and unavoidable.  In those cases, please call our company’s main line (866-395-2986) and you will be connected you’re your school’s Account Manager who will go through our authorizations procedures and get you up and running. As transitions occur, we do not recommend that new administrators use the previous administrators Smart Tuition log in credentials. When we meet for the first time, the school’s Account Manager will provide a new username and password so that any adjustments made on family accounts moving forward are identified with the correct user.

The Account Management team is fully available from 9-5pm EST. We do have extended office hours with limited staffing between 8-9am EST and between 5-7pm EST. To ensure we can answer all your questions and dedicate sufficient time for training and consultation, it is helpful to schedule calls with your Account Manager in advance. No one likes to play phone tag.

In addition to our Account Management team contact information, you will also notice we have a Live Chat feature available once you are logged in. This feature is available Monday through Friday from 9-5pm EST. When a representative is available, the live chat field will be displayed on your page. The representatives on the Live Chat team are here to assist with family adjustments and inquires. We have seen great success with this tool and can help save you a lot of time when you have a quick question. Any school specific best practices or policy changes should be discussed with your Account Manager directly.
Posted by Diana Urato on Jul 16, 2017 4:34 PM America/New_York

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