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Spot The Difference

My son often brings home worksheets that he completed at school. My favorite is Spot the Difference. This worksheet has a series of pictures, which all seem to look the same. Upon further inspection, one item out of the series is slightly different than the others. For example, a row of giraffes all may face to the right, except for one that faces to the left. Spotting the difference is great to help children learn to concentrate, think, and learn to notice detail.

In our revamped Blackbaud University eLearning course, Basics of Query, you'll notice a difference from our original version. Instead of creating a Spot the Difference worksheet for you to identify the differences, I'll just clue you in to some of the new improved features.

Basics of Query is one of our most popular elearning courses, and it was time we "gave it some love." According to surveys about the course, you loved the basic general knowledge and wished for more information on query operators. We delivered with topics including type, format, operators, favorites, combining operators, and the basic principles of parentheses. You'll also enjoy more interactivity in this course with Click and Reveal slides and Drag and Drop Knowledge Checks.

I think you'll really enjoy the new improved features of our Basics of Query eLearning course. AND you didn't have to complete a Spot the Difference worksheet to learn what was new! This ondemand eLearning course is available as a benefit of the Learn subscription.
Posted by LeAnn Drake on May 15, 2018 1:42 PM America/New_York