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New Dashboard Features In Luminate Beta

Save views in a dashboard
Do you have favorite filters for some of your dashboards?  Now, you can save those filters as a dashboard view.  For example, you can save one view for 2017 and another for 2016 on the Overview dashboard and easily switch between these two.  You can save views on any dashboard.

Schedule dashboard emails
If you want a specific dashboard view to be sent to you on a regular basis, schedule it to be sent to your email inbox.  It can be sent daily, weekly, or monthly.

Download a dashboard to print or share with others
Let’s say you need to send information to the Director of Communications about the performance of a particular email campaign or message.  You can filter for the campaign or message on the Email dashboard and download the dashboard results to print or send as an email attachment.


For more information, see Luminate Beta Help documentation.
Posted by RoxAnna Fuquay on Feb 10, 2017 8:38 AM America/New_York