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Create Even Better Queries With New Luminate Beta Lists Capabilities!

Last week we added new Luminate Beta Lists capabilities that help you tie your queries up with a bow. "Filter by Group" allows you to add Luminate Group members to your Lists queries. Yes, you can filter by "current gen" Luminate Groups in your Luminate Beta List queries.

How does this extend your Luminate Beta List capabilities? Some of the possibilities include:  

Filter on Donation Groups with Wealth Rating. Find donors who just entered your housefile by donating to a TeamRaiser event who have the potential to give larger gifts (high Wealth rating). Individuals who support peer-to-peer events tend to have a stronger connection to the participant they donated to than to your organization. Create a unique cultivation strategy for these high value peer-to-peer donors to win them as supporters of your organization. 

Filter on TeamRaiser Participant with Social Influence. Discover participants in your TeamRaiser events who also have a high social influence rating. Cultivate this group to help raise awarenress and participation in your events.

Filter on Advocacy Activists with Social Influence. Identify respondents to Action Alerts who are also social influencers. Recruit them to help spread the word to their networks and help organize for action at a more involved level .

Interest Opt-In Groups. Once "next gen" email is released, use this filter to respect constituent email interests . 

More Info:
How do I access Luminate Beta?
Note: Any Luminate admin who has access to see Beta Lists will see this additional feature under the Constituent Basics section within Lists Filters (at the bottom of the page) 

What types of Groups can I filter on? 

Where do I find the Groups Filters?

We continue to add incremental enhancements to Luminate Beta to make it work even better for you. You can see details of other recent enhancements on the "What's Recent" page in the Luminate Beta Help site. 
Posted by Kathryn Hall on Jan 19, 2018 8:00 AM America/New_York

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Great tips!
  • Posted Mon 04 Jun 2018 02:40 PM EDT