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Social Posting: A New Tool You're Really Going To "Like"

It’s the giving season, when we are hyper-focused on Giving Tuesday, Year End and the many facets of pumpkin spice foods and drinks you can consume. I’m here to share in this season of giving something that will help you engage better with your supporters within Luminate Online Beta. 

The first generation of our Social Posting feature will begin to roll out Luminate Beta accounts this month. You’ll know you have it when you see a “lightbox” upon logging in to Luminate that tells you it’s been added to your account.  

As with all Luminate Beta features, this first release is a baseline for the tool. We will add on functionality to it as we grow.  

As the product manager for Social Posting, I want to answer your questions about this new feature. If you have more questions, please post them for me in the comments below.  

What is Social Posting?    
This new feature lets you connect your organization’s social accounts (Facebook Page and Twitter) so you can create and schedule posts to those channels from Luminate Beta. 


Why should I use this when I’m already using something else to manage my social media? 
Our goal is to create a streamlined area for you to schedule and coordinate your supporter outreach channels. Maybe you also handle all the emails sent from Luminate Online. We’re designing this tool to make easy to plan email and social posts from one place. As we grow this feature, we will add metrics to show you post engagement, impressions and likes.04849adf75cd5f610c78c21e2c8b0834-huge-po

Does the data funnel back into Luminate?   
Not yet. This will be a feature of the tool in the future. We’re building a streamlined way for you to engage and track all of your user interactions.   

What’s the cost?  
Nothing, it’s free.  No user limits or account limits. All we ask is that you provide us feedback to make this better and keep improving it into something others will enjoy using.  

Where do I find it?  
Once you’ve received the notification that you have Social Posting, log in to Luminate Beta and click on Marketing > Social.   

This is a busy time of year for you, we know this. If you don’t get your lightbox notification in the first part of November, know that we’re taking a break. There are no code releases during the busy Giving Tuesday and End of Year fundraising time. We will resume account updates again in February.  

I look forward to working with you to develop this feature! Happy posting!  Ryan

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Posted by Ryan OKeefe on Nov 8, 2018 5:02 PM America/New_York

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