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AngelPoints – Corporate Volunteerism And Charitable Giving

As we are quickly nearing the end of 2015, many of you are working on year-end reporting and reviews of your current corporate social responsibility platforms.  You are measuring the success of your program and planning for 2016 and beyond.  How successful was your program?  What percentage of your employee base participated in a volunteer program or donated to a charity of their choice?  How do you make your program more successful and engage more volunteers?
In the next several weeks, I encourage you to take an objective look at your company’s program and pinpoint specific examples of how to grow your program.  Here are some suggestions for kicking off the New Year with enthusiasm and commitment from your end users.

Create a launch communication plan.  Engage all stakeholders, your executive and employee leadership and your community partners.  To guarantee executive leadership buy-in, be sure to align the message with the corporate business strategy.  Ensure your entire team is sharing the same message and vision when speaking about the program. 

Promote, promote, promote.  Use every tool and resource available to you.  Create messaging on your company’s intranet site about the upcoming year.  Talk about the company and individual goals and how you plan to reach them.  Drive end users to AngelPoints to sign up for events, both company sponsored and outside activities.  And do not stop talking about your story. 

Identify your volunteer leaders.  Who better to encourage volunteerism than your volunteer leaders?  Those individuals who are consistently signing up for events, asking for other ways to give back to the community and wear the corporate spirit on their sleeves.  Spotlight their successes and ask them to pay attention to their fellow colleagues and have them nominate event volunteers for their outstanding work.  Employees want recognition for their success, not only job related but company-wide.

Create a volunteer engagement panel.  This will help you understand what motivates your users and help craft messaging you post on AngelPoints.  Use your volunteer leaders to encourage users to tell you what is important to them by having them complete their volunteer profiles.  How will you be able to find events that will appeal to your employee base if they haven’t told you what they are passionate about?  Engage your department managers to offer incentives to their employees for completing volunteer profiles.

A little competition never hurt anyone.  Unfortunately it is true that often you need to incent employees to do something.  Why not make it fun and challenge volunteer leaders and department managers?  Allow volunteer leaders to generate volunteer event ideas and activities.  Work with your department managers to create competitions for employee participation in upcoming events. 

Our goal is to help you create and manage a successful corporate social responsibility platform that engages employees and delivers a meaningful impact on the community.  Take time to explore Community and find resources available.  I also encourage you to join the AngelPoints forum where you can engage other corporate leaders, ask questions and share ideas.  Community also offers reference documents and resources for best practices in the industry.  We believe that to make your CSR program a success, we are responsible for helping you get there.
Good luck and happy volunteering!
Posted by Laura Sonnee on Dec 9, 2015 3:40 PM America/New_York

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