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Completely Redesigned Volunteer Experience Launching Now!

We are extremely excited to announce that a completely redesigned volunteer experience is coming to an AngelPoints system near you and in fact, the updates to your volunteer experience are just around the corner!
New Volunteer Dashboard
As part of our AngelPoints 2016.1 release we are launching a brand new volunteer dashboard which will include:
  • A dramatically enhanced user experience (UX) with a more modern and intuitive look and feel;
  • The new Volunteer Dashboard incorporates industry standards and best practices for UX ;
  • In addition, that set of UX standards is being shared and rolled out across all Blackbaud products, and these UX standards are also Open Source and available to the broader market;
  • A whole new set of tools that can be used to make your users’ experience more engaging and ultimately increase participation including:
    • New options for managing and sharing event photos
    • The ability to post one or multiple videos (let your employees see each other’s good work in action!)
    • Easy-to-use, visually engaging tools to share progress toward both company and individual goals
    • And more opportunities to encourage employees to get involved

New AngelPoints Mobile Volunteering App
We are also thrilled to announce our new AngelPoints mobile volunteering app, VolunteerMe. We know that one of the most effective ways to reach your employees and get them actively engaged and participating in your programs is to meet them where they are which in many cases, is with a mobile device close at hand!
Our new AngelPoints mobile volunteering app includes lots of incredibly easy ways for your employees to get engaged including:
  • Volunteer opportunities as soon as they log in that speak to the causes they care about, the skills they have to share, and their current location;
  • Reminders to log hours for recent volunteer events and the ability to see visual progress toward their goals;
  • The ability to search for new volunteer opportunities, including external, independent volunteer activities if you have them enabled; and
  • The option to easily update basic profile information, including the causes a user wishes to support.

How to Optimize the Rollout of These New Features
You have the option to roll out most of these new features and options when and how you want!

  • Your AngelPoints system will be updated to AngelPoints 2016.1 on Wednesday, March 23, 2016
  • The new AngelPoints mobile volunteering app will be available for both iOS and Android devices starting Wednesday, March 23, 2016
  • The AngelPoints 2016.1 update on March 23rd will not require any downtime on your system;
  • Once your system has been updated, the only thing that will have changed immediately is the look and feel of the header / menu section of your AngelPoints site (there is no functional change only a newer design);
  • As a system administrator you will immediately see options to start redesigning your volunteer dashboard and you will be able to save your work and only publish the new design to your users when you are ready;
  • The first time you publish your newly, redesigned dashboard, you will be prompted to “enable” your new dashboard for all of your users;
  • Once enabled, the only way to go back to your old dashboard look and feel is to reach out to MicroEdge support for assistance;
  • Browser Requirements: you must be using either Firefox or Internet Explorer verion 10 or higher to take advantage of the new volunteering dashboard look and feel;
  • Note, although the Mobile App will be available in the App Stores as of March 23rd, you may roll it out when the timing is right for your organization.
There are a tremendous number of new ways for you to use these new tools to engage your employees and we have lots of resources available to learn more including:  We hope you are as excited as we are about this incredible update to the AngelPoints Volunteering Experience!

Note for all AngelPoints Giving Clients
The AngelPoints 2016.1 update also includes some exciting new options and updates for our AngelPoints Giving clients as well including new support for giving and distribution to K-12 Public Schools however any additional update to the system in the coming weeks will be required before you can fully take advantage of this new functionality!
Posted by Andrew Troup on Mar 16, 2016 11:57 AM America/New_York