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Help Me Help You

8989e81cbc1db2980153430b4f65a365-huge-baHave you ever heard the saying help me help you? Have you thought about what it really means? You can’t help a child tie their shoes or a bake a cake without a little help and willingness from the child. What’s in it for you? Well, you can go outside if they tie their shoes, and eat cake if they finish making it.

Help me help you is a powerful part of the relationship between grantmakers and fundees. Yes, the grantmaker helps fundees accomplish goals and missions. But fundees also help grantmakers. How? Well, as a grantmaker, do you have any goals or a mission? Of course you do! Every grantmaker is accountable to a board or to supporters and must explain what the granting funds have accomplished.

How hard is it for you to get the right information about the impact of funding dollars? And once you get that information, how easy is it for you to translate it into what your supporters want and need to know? Well, you need to help your grantees help you. Help grantees know what information you need, and then they can help you provide the right information to your supporters.

You may be nodding your head in agreement but wondering how to do this exactly. Blackbaud University can help you figure out the best way to communicate with your fundees in our new workshop Organizational Best Practices: Grantmakers - Working with Fundees. Connect with peers and discuss tools that will help you work efficiently with fundees to achieve mutually beneficial objectives.
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